Anud Arabia has taken a meticulous, and flexible approach and is one of the largest FMCG companies in saudi Arabia. We build partnerships for growth with leading brands and the ‘who’s who’ of the FMCG industry on an understanding of the markets that we’re selling into.

We export, distribute & market brands from major companies along with our own brands which have become household names in saudi Arabia for last two decades. We serve B2B and retail sectors providing unique customer experience with highly qualified and experienced management teams of sales, marketing, supply chain, logistics and other support-function professionals

Consumer goods companies in Dammam


Al And Arabia Trading Company was established in the year 2002 as a small wholesale and retail store in the Al Anud district of Dammam, eastern province of Saudi Arabia as Fawzi Cold Store.

It was our founder's and management team's perception that there was an absence of a convenient food and beverage wholesale distributor for the hospitality sector customers in the Dammam region, which lead to the founding of Al And Arabia Trading Company.

We started with 350 of different products in a 300 sq, ft. facility with 15 employees and 2 no of vehicles. Today, after two decades from our humble beginnings, we are the leading food and beverage wholesale distributorfor the HORECA+ market in the eastern province region of Saudi Arabia and we have also expanded our business to the UAE market.

Currently, we deal with 8000+ different products, operating in a facility of 10000+ sq. ft area with multiple warehouses, having a strong team of 300+ no of employees, with 25+ no of vehicles and are driven with the assistance of latest technology.

Our service strategy involves the establishment of a trusted supplier network with the combination of a highly skilled workforce and a technology-driven logistics and supply chain network which ensures the timely and accurate delivery of products to our customers as consumer goods company. To be the most preferred and convenient food and beverage supplier for theHoReCa+ customers in the CC region, we are constantly working to improve our services and products by upgrading our supply chain byadopting the latest technological advancements to reduce the delivery time, by continually growing our supplier network to increase the product portfolio and to reduce the cost of the products.


Creating and expanding a network of people to bring the world closer, to share food and support for one another.


Our mission is to assist our customers in achieving success by providing them with the products they require at a fair price, industry-leading services, and solutions.


We strive to be the most preferred wholesalefood and beverage supplier for the HoReCa+ customers in the GCC region in terms of choice of products, reasonable prices, and exceptional services.

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