Chilled Food Distributors

Chilled Food

We have collaborated with several distributors of the largest soft drink companies, and their best batch of products is always sent our way. We also have a wide range of juices and energy drinks to choose from.

We have a large growing customer base, to ensure that we meet the needs of every customer when it comes to drinks, we keep an entire range of drinking products in our outlets. Our customers will never find themselves not finding anything as per their liking.

We keep ice teas and mineral water as well. There is a wide range of soda options with the obvious carbonated drinks to the juices that have soda in them. We have a lot of children as our customers as well, so we keep various colourful drinks in our aisles for the kids to enjoy. There is always something for the whole family.

We sell all kinds of products, from the drinks that are company manufactured and that have a great shelf life, to the fresh juices which are more of an immediate consumption-oriented. There is also sparkling water for your taste. Some of our chilled products include mineral waters, sports drinks, diet formulations, colas, mixers, and tonics to fruit juices.

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