Non Food Distributors

Non Food

We as a team are driven in ensuring we meet all the needs of our customers under our roof. To make sure that our customers find all that they need in our outlets, we have several essentials stored away. We have some excellent cleaning solutions, with tissues that are sent to us directly by the distributors.

We take great care that our products are environment-friendly and non-toxic for human usage before shelving them for customers to see and select from. We have plastic and paper options for people to choose from. There are disposable plastic wraps for your trash cans that can help segregate different types of wastes

No matter what need it is that you approach the store with, there will always be something for your needs available at our stores. We make sure that our customers do not leave disappointed and without the necessity that they were looking for.

We store a variety of non-food products under our roof, some of them are Plastic bags, Bags. Mask, Gloves, Sanitizers, Detergent and Soap, Dish wash, Aluminum Containers, Paper Cups, Tissues, Food Packaging Supplies, corrugated packaging products. You can always find whatever you're looking for under our roof.

Non Food Distributors
Plastic Products
Non Food Distributors
Cosmetics & Personnel Hygiene
Non Food Distributors
Paper Products
Non Food Distributors
Laundry & Detergents
Kitchen Utensils

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