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Dry Food

Currently, we hold 3000 plus food products and more are in the counting. We have a firm relationship with top food brands and distributors that promise quality and authenticity of flavour. We make sure our products are top-notch in terms of quality, quantity and availability for the sake of our customers.

Dry food includes products like rice, oil, chips, beans & pulses etc. These are all imported and extracted from reliable and healthy sources. Our customers are always satisfied with the quality of our products and we have never had a complaint regarding our flavours and the quality of the condiments we serve.

Chilled Food

We have collaborated with several distributors of the largest soft drink companies, and their best batch of products is always sent our way. We also have a wide range of juices and energy drinks to choose from.

We have a large growing customer base, to ensure that we meet the needs of every customer when it comes to drinks, we keep an entire range of drinking products in our outlets. Our customers will never find themselves not finding anything as per their liking.

Non Food

We as a team are driven in ensuring we meet all the needs of our customers under our roof. To make sure that our customers find all that they need in our outlets, we have several essentials stored away. We have some excellent cleaning solutions, with tissues that are sent to us directly by the distributors.

We take great care that our products are environment-friendly and non-toxic for human usage before shelving them for customers to see and select from. We have plastic and paper options for people to choose from. There are disposable plastic wraps for your trash cans that can help segregate different types of wastes.

Frozen Foods

There are always some preconceived notions about frozen food and whether it's preserved safely and hygienically or not. Well, our outlets hold the best cooling freezers which are exclusive to store the meat and frozen foods reserve like we have. We hold a wide variety of frozen food and therefore we need to have the best freezers in the market to make sure that our quality products are stored hygienically and properly.

The freezers are cleaned and the vents are vacuumed regularly to ensure that the storage is clean and hygienic and doesn't cause any of our products' quality to go down. We get the products delivered to us directly from the manufacturer and this gives us control of its full cycle.

Our Products

We not only have products that are supplied and delivered to us, but we also have some of our products to help deliver maximum quality and comfort to all our customers. We use the finest of papers in our tissues and toilet papers. We ensure that the manufacturing process is a hygienic one. We also make sure to see that the storage of these papers and the packaging process takes place under clean and dry circumstances.

We have soft facial tissues that provide the perfect drying element for your face and they are soft on the skin. The tissues are soft on the skin and they do not leave the skin harsh and rough after being used.

Major Brands.

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